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Fire Protection System

Flexible Fire Protection System
MCL Unitex Limited

MCL Unitex Ltd, a member of the ISL Group of Companies, is a professional manufacturer of flexible passive fire protection systems and has extensive experience in the design, testing, construction and installation of fireproof seal systems and fireproof enclosures for oil, gas and petrochemical products. Worldwide refining industry. Experienced technical personnel can design on-demand systems and perform additional tests and certifications. MCL Unitex fireproof seals and enclosure systems are tested independently from IMO approved third-party test houses. Throughout the test, MCL 's systems maintain integrity, reliability, and insulation characteristics and therefore perform certification issued by Lloyd' s Shipping of Shipping (LR). In addition to the hydrocarbon furnace fire test, the Firetex infiltration seal system has undergone a stand-alone explosion overpressure test and has demonstrated its ability to maintain stability and integrity with up to 1.35 bar g of explosion. After recently establishing an internationally approved testing methodology, our systems have undergone jet testing and have been further approved to J120.

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