World Ocean Co., Ltd.

CEO Greetings

Welcome  to World Ocean CO., LTD.

I sincerely welcome you to visit our homepage and thank you for your opportunity to say hello to our customers.

World Ocean has been supplying the world's leading shipbuilding and offshore equipment for over 30 years. We have organized business system and experts in each business field, and have been striving to meet various customer’s demands upon rapidly changing market.

We believe that the introduction of a business system to provide superior quality products, human resources and the best service quality has become the driving force behind the growth of World Ocean Co., Ltd. as a leading shipbuilding and offshore equipment company in Korea.

In addition, we have completed the construction and are in operation of a processing plant in Mieumsandan, Busan since 2015 to have a sufficient inventory and timely delivery system.

The shipbuilding, offshore and marine market is now going through a difficult period due to the downturn in the economy. We will not forget that we have been supported by your continued interest and affection until now and will always work with you and overcome with you like our slogan "For you, With you". I will look forward to doing my best in sincerity.

Thank you

CEO / Sung Hwan Kim
World Ocean Co., Ltd