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Marine Emissions Monitoring

The Emsys ‘Classic’ was originally introduced to the maritime industry at SMM 2010 . Following successful market acceptance, a 2nd generation marine emissions monitoring system, the ‘Emsys-iS’, was launched in January 2015.

The Emsys Classic was developed by WR Systems of Norfolk, Virginia. The second generation Emsys-iS was developed from a shipowner request for a smaller, more flexible Emsys which could provide reliable and accurate compliance monitoring of the scrubbers in their fleet. Extensive feedback from in-service operation and specific requirements from the shipowner ensured the evolution of our EMS technology into the Emsys-iS. Developed, prototyped and type tested in the UK, the Emsys-iS has been built in our modern UK manufacturing facility since its launch.

In September 2016, Emsys Maritime Ltd acquired the Emsys product Intellectual Property Rights (IP) from WR Systems Ltd.

Former Director of Commercial Maritime Programs at WR Systems, Simon Brown, joined the team as Managing Director. Mr Brown is a qualified Marine Engineer and held the position of Chairman of the IMO Working Group of experts which revised the NOx Technical Code as part of the MARPOL Annex VI revisions.

Emsys Maritime’s technical support team are all experienced in maritime emissions monitoring applications. Our manufacturing facility incorporates ‘lean’ manufacturing principles which eliminate waste. Emsys Maritime can supply the most robust, technically advanced and comprehensively accredited marine emissions monitoring systems at a highly competitive price.

In addition, Emsys Maritime employs its own maritime industry experienced service technicians, in addition we collaborate with qualified service partners in strategic global locations to ensure we can offer 24/7/365 worldwide customer support.

Vast experience in monitoring ship emissions and marine scrubbers

Emsys systems have been installed on 7 different types of marine scrubber and we currently monitor over 70 scrubbers for compliance applications.

Emsys EMS technology is suitable for deployment on all ships types. Emsys has been installed on board cruise ships, LNG carriers, container ships, drillships, semi-submersibles and tankships. Emsys can monitor all types of marine engine (2-stroke and 4-stroke diesels), marine boilers, waste incinerators and gas combustion units (GCUs).

Emsys emissions monitoring systems have been supplied to many of the worlds’ major shipbuilders including Fincantieri, Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI), Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), STX Offshore & Shipbuilding and Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME). Emsys Maritime’s project team are flexible and highly responsive to customer needs. We understand the challenges faced by shipbuilders in the current economic environment and our mission is to deliver a stress-free project, on-time and on-budget.

In 2012 Emsys was awarded a U.S Patent for measurement of Particulate Matter (PM) in marine applications. Although not regulated as an individual species, PM is becoming more of a global health concern and is being chosen as an additional monitoring parameter by many progressive shipowners. The Emsys-iS can additionally monitor opacity, ideal for measuring visible black smoke emissions for applications including Alaska Marine Visible Emissions Standards 18 AA 50.070.

In 2013, the team at Emsys were rewarded for their development efforts by winning the ‘Seatrade Award for Clean Shipping’. Known as the maritime ‘Oscars’, the awards are held annually and the nominations include a ‘who’s who’ of the worlds’ most prestigious shipowners and technology suppliers.

Emsys is trusted by the worlds biggest shipowners and shipbuilders. Contact our team to find out how we can help you with your marine emissions monitoring requirements.

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