World Ocean Co., Ltd.

About us

For you! With you!

World Ocean Co., Ltd. has been working with many shipyards, shipowners and construction engineering companies in Korea since 1983 as a Korean sales representative of overseas equipment companies in shipbuilding, offshore and plant business.

Including a subsidiary company, Corrocoat Korea Co., Ltd. which provides corrosion and erosion prevention solutions, World Ocean has proven its quality by supplying overseas high quality equipment such as GRE pipes and fittings manufactured by NOV FGS (formerly AMERON), FRP gratings by STRONGWEL and Portable Cargo Measuring System and Sampling equipment by TANKSYSTEM which are applicable for marine, offshore and industrial.

We also operate a service team to respond quickly to customer’s requirements for repair, installation and maintenance.

Based on the slogan "For you, With you", World Ocean is committed to contributing to the development of the domestic shipbuilding, shipping and construction industries. We’re always striving to become a small but big group of Korean economic development in the 21st century.

We promise that our employees will always be together for your success.

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